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Dave's Coring Service

             Encinitas, ca                                                              760-815-8607             

About Us


Dave's Coring is an Owner Operated company
run by Dave Goehring. Dave grew up in Encinitas
and Graduated from San Dieguito High in 1977.
During his four years at U.C.S.D. Dave worked for
a Landscape Company, Seaside Landscape, run
by Bill Fisher. In 1983 Bill Fisher quit the landscape
buissness to start a coring company, Dave went to 
work for Sherwood Mechanical  as a plumber. In 
1985 Bill Fisher hired Dave to manage Bill's Coring
And in 87 Dave bought the business from Bill and
re named it Dave's Coring Service.


Dave has over 20 years of experience in all types
of concrete coring and cutting.  He has been self
employed for 18 years, coring curb holes and 
installing drain lines under sidewalks for both Home 
Owners and Contractors. In an average week Dave
does about 20 to 30 core holes with pipe under the

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